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The Stallion

Waldaire is a vibrant chestnut stallion who possesses excellent jumping form and international caliber dressage talent. The elasticity and scope of his gaits are correct with powerful engagement of the hindquarters. Waldaire’s generous and forgiving nature make him a delight to ride on a daily basis. He is very active from behind and possesses an exceptional walk and excellent canter. Flying changes have always been a gift with this stallion; he is naturally balanced and light off of the aids. Several judges have given his execution of test movements 8s and expressed their envy of the rider for having such a delightful horse. He is a naturally supple horse who still maintains a great deal of engagement and power from the hind quarters.

Over fences he is bold and careful. Throughout his career, Waldaire was a pleasure to hack and would happily cross banks, ditches and water with no fuss. Even at 20 years of age Waldaire still enjoys jumping and does so with gusto. He revels in his limber body and enjoys showing off for an audience. His good nature shines through no matter what is asked of him, making him one of the most popular horses in the barn.

He offers breeders an excellent opportunity to add athleticism and talent to their breeding program combined with substantial bone and excellent interior qualities. He is an extremely prepotent sire, clearly stamping his offspring with his calm demeanor, textbook bascule, good use of the hind leg and excellent conformation. As a group, Waldaire's offspring are a pleasure to train and compete. They absorb new venues with an "old soul" approach and are a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. They also have a high capacity for flying changes and upper level collection. These are horses that thrive in a consistent training program that advances as quickly as their physical and mental allows. They are workers!

Performance Career

Waldaire’s lifetime average score is 65.795%. He has proven to be a consistent and above average competitor from Training level thru FEI. His average score at Intermediare I (not including Freestyles) is 68.567%. In the mid 1990s, Waldaire was breaking 70% with great regularity in the middle levels of dressage. He achieved scores as high as 81.92% from S Judge Hilda Gurney at Second Level. Thus far in his career Waldaire has received 43 USDF Horse of The Year Awards and is now garnering high praise as a sport horse breeding Sire.

The decision was made in the fall of 2006 to allow him to retire from competition with dignity as he was such a proven performer. Waldaire was still receiving marks of "8" in the body of the Grand Prix test with respectable comments from the judges, however he so little left to prove - it was time to focus on being a full time sire of fabulous foals!


Offspring Page

Born March 1, 1989
Height: 17.0½ hands (174cm)
Lifetime AWR, GOV, ISR/OLDna Approved
85% First Cycle Frozen Semen conception.
North America: Fresh cooled, Frozen
EU: Frozen Available

2016 Breeding Agreement (Word Doc)

Photo Gallery


2007 LVDA


NC 2006


NC 2006
All NC photos courtesy of WNC Photography

20 years

Waldaire on his 20th Birthday

FL 2004




2006 Florida Horse Park
Image courtesy of Phelps Photography Inc.


February 2004


Dana & Wally in Wellington 2004

Video Gallery

Waldaire 1997 Trot
Waldaire 1997 Canter
Waldaire Jumping 1997
Waldaire Grand Prix 1
Waldaire Grand Prix 2

Dynasty & Willi Schultheis

Offspring Videos
Wallace WF Jumping
Wallace Loose Schooling
Wallace Green Broke
Wallace WF January 2011
Wallace WF January 2011 Part 2
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Wakanda WF Loose Jumping
Wakanda Green Broke
Wakanda WF January 2011 Part I
Wakanda WF January 2011 Part II
Wakanda WF August 17, 2011
Wakanda WF August 18, 2011

Wilona WF
Wilona WF June 2011
Wilona WF August 17, 2011
Wilona WF August 18, 2011

Waterlily WF
Waterlily August 2011

Wei WF

Wizard WF 2 Year Old Colt
Wizard WF Jumping
Wizard WF Green Broke
Wizard WF January 2010
Wizard WF First Ride 2010
Wizard WF First Dressage Show October 2010
Wizard WF April 2011 Flat Video
Wizard WF April 2011 Jumping Video
Wizard WF June 2011 Flat Video
Wizard WF July 31, 2011 FEI 5 YO F

Whodini WF Foal Video
Whodini 2 Year Old
Whodini WF Apirl 21, 2011
Whodini WF Apirl 28, 2011 Flat Work
Whodini WF April 28, 2011 Jump Footage
Whodini WF Flat Work August 17, 2011
Whodini WF schooling August 18, 2011

Wyncote WF Foal Video
Wyncote WF 2 Year Old

Westerleigh WF
Wolfgang WF
Wolfgang September 2010
Wolfgang WF June 2011
Wolfgang WF July 2011

Wall Street WF Foal Video
Wall Street WF 2 Year Old
Wall Street April 2011
Wall Street WF August 2011

Wichita Rose WF Foal Video
Wichita Rose WF 2 Year Old

Wylie WF
Wylie WF First Jumping Lesson
Wylie June 17, 2011
Wylie WF June 2011
Wylie WF August 17, 2011
Wylie WF August 18, 2011

Wynona PF
Windlass PF

Whistfull Undersaddle 2009

Wayfarer 6th Ride 2010

Well Maid

Windrose WF & Waverleigh WF (1 of 2)
Waverleigh WF & Windrose WF (2 of 2)

Warrick (2006 gelding out of Happening Baby xx)

Wylie WF & Wakanda WF Flat 8/17/2011

More footage will be added shortly. Alternatively, please check the Watermark Farm Channel as new footage is added every week of our current stock.


His Heritage

Waldaire translates from German to English as “forest air.” He truly represents a breath of fresh air to the horse breeding industry. This striking descendant of Waidmannsdank, Gotthard, Absatz and Darling combines outstanding jumping ability with proven FEI Dressage performance.

adios abglanz
Adios III Absatz Abglanz
duft2 dynasty Daktary
Duft II Dynasty & Cindy Ishoy Daktary
goldfischII derloewe gotthard
Goldfisch II Der Loewe Gotthard
duellant waldgott Neckar
Duellant Waldgott Neckar xx

Waldaire’s great-grandsire Darling was Champion DLG Stallion in 1976 and the sire of Cindy Ishoy’s Olympic medal winning horse, Dynasty.  Dynasty is the full brother to Waldaire’s granddam, Daktary, who was a very successful Grand Prix dressage horse in her own right for riders Mary Flood, David DeLaWeserperle and Robert Dover. They were the only offspring from this extremely successful combination of Darling and Minuett by Marmor.

The legendary progenitor Gotthard is present in his paternal lineage as well as the Thoroughbred refining sires Waidmannsdank and Der Lowe. Waldaire’s offspring owe much of their consistency to his damline. His maternal lineage is heavily influenced by the repeated use of the Hanoverian D line (Duellant, Duft I and II and Dolman) while being balanced by the blood of Absatz and Marcio xx.

Waidmannsdank xx

Waldaire was laid to rest here at Watermark Farm on December 16, 2012 on the hill overlooking our outdoor arena. It is a comfort to us all to know that he will 'oversee' the future champions who carry his genes. Both Dana Fiore and Ellie Rawle wrote a bit about him...

                                               A One Of A Kind, Once In A Lifetime Horse
I Remember the first time I sat on "Waldaire".  It was in Warrenton, Virginia at Katherine Dauphin's Farm. She was his Breeder & Owner at the time. His scopey walk, swinging trot & light-rhythmic canter were a joy to ride. His manners & willingness to work were exceptional. As we started to work together, I soon realized that he was a fast learner & really aimed to please.
We worked our way together up The Levels in Dressage to the Intermediate I, winning dozens of National & Regional Awards, along with breeding some lovely Mares & watching the foals grow & mature.
Waldaire was schooling & training all of the Grand Prix movements when Ellie Rawle purchased him from me for a Breeding Stallion for her Watermark Farm. Ellie finished his training under the guidance of her Mother Anne Rawle, & got him into the Grand Prix ring very successfully & I was thrilled !!   
I was able to visit Waldaire each year as I attended The Dressage at Devon Show. I got to ride him & check out several of his foals & it made me so happy that a tear would come to my eye. The Rawle's & I would walk the farm together, looking at the Mares & Foals, the Yearlings, & then the Two Year Olds.  Later Ellie would sit on a few of the 3 & 4 Year Olds & tell me of some of the other youngsters they had bred.
One of the most exciting days was when I got to ride "Wizard", Wally's Approved Son. He is truly a clone of Waldaire. His mind, gaits, talents & color are a true match !!  What a thrill !!  We will all look forward to watching him carry on the Legacy of his Father.
I want to thank the Rawle Family for giving Waldaire the most amazing 2nd half of his life at Watermark Farm. A beautiful 100 acre working, breeding & training farm southwest of Philly. The Rawle's treated him like a king.
                                                                                      Forever in my heart,
                                                                                                              Dana Fiore

Late in the fall of 2003 I was perusing the Dressage Daily website and happened across the advertisement for Waldaire in the Horse Market section. His show record was impeccable and his fabulous bloodlines were of even greater interest to me. After conferring with my mother and father, Anne and Bill Rawle, we made inquiries to Dana. As we have had family in the Wellington area arrangements were made for me to fly down and see him in person shortly thereafter.

When I rode him the very first time, I was honestly SOLD in 2 strides that I had to have this fabulous horse. The power, the obedience, the cadence and the self was what I had been seeking as a rider since my days as a Young Rider. He was perfect. Getting a line of one tempis that he willingly continued around the short end of the arena with perfect balance and rhythm didn't detract with my desire to have such a fabulous horse, either! It was a bonus that he was a licensed breeding stallion who stamped his offspring and, well, it was a case of Must. Have. This. Horse. :)

So I'll fast forward a bit and say that shortly after going to visit Wally in Wellington we were allowed us to purchase him! The day he left Wellington it was in the mid 80's. The day he arrived here at Watermark Farm there was a high of 20*. And thus began Wally's new adventures in Pennsylvania! We spent some time getting to know one another and began to show Grand Prix. He won several more Year End Awards and was the consummate show horse - ever aware of an audience and how important he was but always focused on his work! In the fall of 2006 we made the decision to retire him from competition as it was time to shift our focus to his offspring. Wally did not relish having a less active career - he would bang on his door for attention if he was not the first horse to be worked each day! From the moment he set a hoof on our property he was truly a King in his Castle!

Every autumn that Dana was in the area we would have a wonderful visit and the opportunity to share Wally's wonderful offspring with her. When Waldaire and I travelled to the Florida Horse Park in Ocala, she came upstate and showed her new horse Redford at the same time. It was a really fun opportunity to have a small reunion in a wonderful facility! But there was no greater thrill than to have her ride Wizard. Since the first moment, I had to fight the same tears she had in her eyes as she "knew" exactly how much he is like his heart sang with joy to be able to share him with her that day.

It has been an honor to have Waldaire in our lives. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Dana and my parents for allowing him to be a part of my life.

Rest in peace Wally. I will miss you forever. Thank you. ~Ellie

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