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Foal Gallery

We are updating the SOLD horses pages. If you have purchased a WF horse, please email updates.

COTH 2011 Foal Gallery     COTH 2012 Foal Gallery
Wendolyn WF Windrose WF Waverleigh WF Waldina WF
dolce drucanter2 wilsonface2
Dolce Elise WF Aloysius WF Drummond WF Wilson WF
dreamcatcher dreamgirl wolfgang westerleigh
Dreamcatcher WF Dream Girl WF Wolfgang WF Westerleigh WF
rosie stella donwilliam hansel3day
Wichita Rose WF Daylily WF Don William WF Wall Street WF
wyncote wylie whodini bea
Wyncote WF Wylie WF Whodini WF Wei WF
wilonaring millie windsor face wizard
Wilona WF Waterlily WF Windsor WF

Wizard WF

wendy lacy westbrook woodruff
Wakanda WF Wallace WF Westbrook WF Woodruff WF
wyatt ruben alexis2wkportrait
Wyatt WF Ruben WF Adelaide WF Alexis Carrington WF
avebury24hour showtimefoal kittyfoal ameliaheadleft
Avebury WF Showtime WF As You Wish WF Amelia WF
atreo smart artie leighfoal
Atreo WF Smart WF Artesian WF Southern Leigh WF
alliwant Sophia savannah headshot sabrina
All I Want Sophia Savannah WF Sabrina WF

We are in the midst of archiving photos of the offspring from our breeding program prior to 1990. If you have purchased a Watermark Farm bred horse, we would love to receive news and photographs - please email Ellie at your convenience with the information.

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