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Saddles for Sale

Watermark Farm Used Saddles:

1. American Flex UKClassic Dressage Black 18" Nearly new. No scratches, scuffs or other wear. $550

2. American Flex UK Dressage Black 18" Nearly new. No scratches, minor signs of having had stirrups on the saddle - slight indent in the flap. $850 *SOLD*

3. Len Brown Original Trail Saddle 17.5" monoflap black suede demo saddle. comfy and good for hacking. Comes with Quik Out Irons (must use safety irons as the leathers are hung from roller buckles). $450

4. Ortho Flex UK Dressage Frank Baines Tree 17.5" black. Fair condition. New panels & mounts. Permanent sewn on knee rolls but very comfortable and a great saddle. $700 **SOLD**

5. American Flex Dressage 17.5" Black. Good condition. Minor scratch on one flap under the thigh. $550

6. American Flex UK Dressage 17.5" Havannah Brown (custom order) Detachable knee rolls, Good condition. $750 ***SOLD***

7. American Flex UK Dressage 17.5" Black. Fair Condition - minor wear on one of the panel covers (cover only, panel is fine), some signs of wear on the flap (scuffing) where the leg hangs. $550

8. Ortho Flex UK Cross Country 18" Havannah Brown. Good condition, removeable knee rolls, flat seat, new panels and full servicing in 2011. $1000 **SOLD**

9. Ortho Flex UK Combined Training (CT) 17.5" Havannah Brown. Fair Condition with normal wear. New panels in 2009. Sewn in knee rolls and deep seat. $800 **SOLD**

10. Ortho Flex UK Cross Country 16.5" Havannah Brown. Smaller seat size, shorter panels, flat seat. Good condition. Removeable knee rolls. ***SOLD***

11. American Flex UK Dressage 17.5" Black. Removeable knee rolls. Good condition. Slightly wider twist than the others of the same model. $550 ***SOLD***

12. Ortho Flex UK Dressage 18.5" Havannah Brown. Removeable knee rolls, new panels 1/11. Good condition. $650

13. American Flex UK Dressage Classic 17.5" Black. Removeable knee rolls. Excellent condition. $550

14. Stubben Tristan 17" Dressage Saddle 17"with a 31.5 tree (MW) Black w/ nut panels. Good condition, normal wear on flaps. Laminated billets are in fair condition. (link is to a public Facebook Photo Album)***SOLD***


Our saddles have been well cared for and have double leather custom billets with a nylon core that prevent uneven stretching. They are for sale purely to downsizing in our primary riders schedules.

They can be tried here at Watermark Farm by appointment only.

Contact for more information & photos. We are open to offers on the prices.

All of the American Flex's were built in Germany and imported here to the US. Top quality leather, age old (traditional) construction, stitching and uniform quality. They all will be sold with a white quilted pair of booties with the fleece underside. (new retail price $3200 of the saddle & fittings)

The Classic is a great saddle for a long thigh and someone who wants to keep a bit more bend in their knee - love it for transitioning a baby from a jump saddle to dressage length of leg & rider position. .

The UK Dressage saddles are very easy to confuse with a regular/normal dressage saddle - especially if you use the booties pads. No one ever notices but the horses are happier! :)

The Ortho Flex's were built at the original factory in Nevada, MO. Properly assembled, good condition and well cared for.

Ellie and Emily earned their USDF Gold and Silver Medals in Ortho Flex and American Flex Saddles!!!

Sizing note: Ellie is 5'7" with a long femur. The 17" was a proper seat size for her height and weight. The 18" with the adjustable knee roll is for riders over 5'8" and a medium-long femur.


Friends Saddles for Sale:

1. 16.5 Ortho Flex UK Dressage Black. New panels 6/11, fair condition - normal wear on seat & flaps. **SOLD**

2. 16.5 Ortho Flex UK CT (jumping saddle). Havannah brown. New panels 6/11, fair condition - wear on flaps, etc. **SOLD**

3. Keiffer Aachen Seat Size: 16-16.5 Tree Size: M Color: Black Condition: Very Good **SOLD**

4. Hopfner Dressage Seat Size: 17 Tree Size: MN Color: Black Condition: Good


Photos available by request.

Please email and she will put you in contact with their owner directly for pricing.








Bits and Other Things...


Visit in Quentin for some of our Used Inventory!


Or go to tax-free Delaware (Hockessin) at the new Maryland Saddlery Consignment shop for our listing of stable supplies (working clippers, bandages, lead shanks, show coats)


Too late! We've sent out most of our previously owned inventory to 2 reputable consignment stores! One in Central PA and the other in Delaware! See the links and then head out to go shopping!!!

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