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Name & Bloodlines Color/Gender Description & Age Price
Wendolyn WF
(Wizard WF/Wallstreet Kid)
Black Mare 2011, Balanced, correct mover with good engagement of the hindquarters. Premier grading. Will mature 16.0 hands SOLD

Waverleigh WF
(Waldaire/South American Way)

Chestnut Filly 2010, Elastic, powerful mover. Sweet, people oriented nature. Cooperative and friendly. Premier grading. Well suited for a career as a show hunter. Will be 16.3+ hands. Yearling Footage SOLD
Windrose WF
(Waldaire/Wallstreet Kid)
Black Mare 2010, Uphill, good conformation, bold and friendly personality. Very brave and fancy! Will be bred to Dressage Royal in spring 2018. Sound and can be restarted undersaddle. $15K (not in foal)
Drummond WF
(Dressage Royal/Again and Again)
Bay Gelding 2009 gelding, Premier grading, exceptional uphill movement. Sweet nature, FEI superstar in the making. Proven mareline of International FEI horses. Mature close to 17 hands. Serious inquiries only. Call for price
Wilson WF
(Waldaire/South American Way)
Dark Bay Gelding 2009 gelding, Premier grading, fancy mover, classic hunter profile with beautiful conformation, very suitable for AAs. Very laid back undersaddle and calm outlook on the world. Mature 16.1+. Proven FEI producing mareline. Sold
Aloysius WF
(Avebury WF/Amelia WF)
Grey Gelding 2009 Gelding, Premier grading, powerful mover, very athletic type, affectionate and kind. Super engagement from behind, going well under saddle. Suitable for a rider used to a big moving, forward thinking horse. FEI producing mareline & talent. Mature to 16.1+. Could go in any direction - jumpers, eventing, dressage! SOLD
Dream Girl WF
(Dressage Royal/South American Way)
Chestnut Filly 2008 currently 16.3 hands, Premium grading, natural born show horse, loves an audience, super articulation of hind joints, sweet nature with a fantastic engine and carrying power. Proven FEI producing mareline. Exceptional elastic gaits, good nature, quick learner undersaddle. Currently working 4th Level and making good progress in the hard(er) work. Call for price
Dreamcatcher WF
(Dressage Royal/Again and Again)
Chestnut Gelding 2008 gelding 16.2 hands and still developing mature stature, Premier grading, extremely uphill mover. Sweet nature, good temperament. Elastic, rubber ball quality to his gaits and the flash of a top dressage horse. True international FEI dressage talent and expression. Currently working 3rd Level and progressing quickly. SOLD
Don William WF
(Dressage Royal/South American Way)
Dark Chestnut Gelding 2007 17.3 hands and working well undersaddle. Elastic and powerful mover, sweet nature. FEI producing mareline. Premium grading as a foal. Price will increase with show mileage & training progress. Currently schooling Intermediare I, piaffe, passage and one tempis. Call for price
Wyncote WF
(Waldaire/South American Way)
Chestnut Sabino Gelding 2007 currently 16.3 hands and solidly undersaddle. Clean changes, good jumping instinct, uncomplicated. Elastic, powerful gaits with a sweet nature. Very grounded and more of an old soul personality. Current video pending. Premium foal. Suitable for dressage or hunters. SOLD
Whodini WF
(Waldaire/Again and Again)
Chestnut Gelding 2007 currently 16.1 hands. Uphill, balanced mover with superb use of the hind leg and free shoulder. Forward, talented and very good mover. Proven FEI producing mareline. Suitable for the ambitious rider with a background in bringing along FEI horses. Full brother to Wizard & Wakanda WF. $20K
Wilona WF
Black Mare 2006 currently 16.0 hands. Exceptionally fancy mover with free shoulder and good articulation of the hind leg. Fancy knees over fences. Schooling 3rd Level.. Clean changes. Very grounded and calm. Best suited to a show hunter career but fancy enough for dressage - a flatter mover unless jazzed up by the rider. Loves to jump. SOLD
Wylie WF
(Waldaire/Again and Again)
Chestnut Mare 2006 16.0 hands. Super honest & adjustable ride over fences, brave out in the open, has fox hunted. Auto flying changes. Schooling PSG + working half steps & passage. Super dressage prospect for the smaller adult/children's move up from a pony. Has miles as a local hunter, too. $35,000

Wakanda WF
(Waldaire/Again and Again)

Chestnut Mare 2005, 16.0 hands with a solid build. Big mover, bold personality, cooperative riding horse with a forward nature. Easy flying changes, solid piaffe & passage and excellent lateral work. Schooling Grand Prix and competed through Int B. Good jumper. Full sister to Wizard WF. Call for price
Wyatt WF
(Weltmeyer/South American Way)
Chestnut Gelding 2004, 16.3 hands. Professional or confident AA ride, Grand Prix ready. Big buoyant gaits with lots of expression and power. Sensitive. From an FEI producing mareline. Serious inquiries only.

Call for price


Wei WF
(Waldaire/South American Way/Abundance)

Chestnut Mare 2006, 16.3 hands. Will be bred to Dressage Royal unless purchased by 4/1. Can be restarted as a riding horse also as she is sound. $15K (not in foal)

Windrose WF
(Waldaire/Wallstreet Kid)

Black Mare 2010, 16.3 hands. Will be bred to Dressage Royal. Sound and can be restarted as a riding horse. $20K (not in foal)
Dolce Elise WF
(Dressage Royal/South American Way/Abundance)
Dark Bay Mare 2009, 17.2 hands. Will be bred in spring 2018. $20K (not in foal)

Waterlily WF
(Waldaire/Again and Again/Sir George Gaylord)

Chestnut Mare 2007, 16.3 hands. Will be bred to Dressage Royal. $20K (not in foal)


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