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Broodmares For Sale
With over 40 years of experience in raising, training and handling horses, we represent these mares as either proven producers of quality foals or prospective high quality foal producers based on their genetics. Please contact Anne to discuss your interest.

Wei WF

2006 16.3 hand Chestnut Mare
(South American Way xx out of Able Spirit by Abundance)

Price Category B: $15,000-20,000

Bea will be bred to Dressage Royal in the spring of 2018.

Foal Image

Bea is a well built mare with correct conformation. She is suited to produce well for both the hunter market and dressage horses. In choosing Dressage Royal for her, we are hoping to optimize her powerful gaits and add some of his amazing elasticity.

Estimated breeding date 5/15/18.

Dressage Royal




Windrose WF

2010, 16.3 hand Black mare
(Waldaire x Wallstreet Kid x Flashpoint xx by Flaming Rock)
Price Category B: $15,000-20,000

Bailey will be joining our broodmare band in 2018! And we've paired her with Dressage Royal!!! Her future foal will have a dynamite pedigree of proven producers - Waldaire, Wallstreet Kid, Dressage Royal...what's not to be excited about there?

April 2010





We are hoping to take advantage of Dressage Royal's prepotency for outstanding trainability and his elasticity and her powerful big moving engine! With her shoulder freedom and dark jacket - this is going to be a potential superstar!


Waterlily WF

(Waldaire x Again and Again x Sir George Gaylord xx)

2006 16.3 hands, Chestnut Mare

Price Category B: $15,000-20,000

Millie was one of our first Waldaire offspring born at Watermark Farm. She is a powerful moving mare with an outstandingly kind temperament. Her half sister Daylily WF (aka Stella) is by Dressage Royal and has been a farm favorite since the moment she was put under saddle. Due to a training injury, Millie's career was cut short, so she is heading to the broodmare band in 2018. Her foal will be by Dressage Royal if all goes according to plan.


Estimated breeding date 5/15/18.


Promise, I'll get some updated photos!



Dolce Elsie WF

(Dressage Royal x South American Way x Abundance)

2009, 17.2 Hand Dark Bay Mare

Price Category B: $15,000-20,000

Dolce is one of our best mares. She is by Dressage Royal out of Savannah WF. We are still in the air as to who exactly she will be bred to in 2018! Stay Tuned!!!












Windrose, Waverleigh, Dolce Elise, Westerleigh, Wendolyn, Wallstreet Rose, Wei, Dream Girl WF

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