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The Stallion

Adamant was a stallion who had an amazingly good nature. He was even tempered to the extreme, very intelligent and a reliable undersaddle horse. His focus was excellent and he consistently produced offspring with great tolerance, patience and good paces. Adamant’s offspring were often sold to or bred by adult amateur riders who had little experience with youngstock. Most were started without any professional assistance and went on to have great success with their owners as their primary riders.

Over the years Adamant was often overshadowed by his more flamboyant barn mates Able and Ready and Again and Again. Those two stole the show with their outstanding jumping talent and stupendous movement, while Adamant continued in his diligent and responsible fashion to draw attention for being such a solid citizen. In the course of his career he accumulated many Year End Awards, several in hand Reserve Championships and was the family favorite for fox hunting. Adamant competed with very good results through Intermediare I and was trained through Grand Prix. Adamant had offspring win at The Devon Horse Show (Colt 45) as well as others being competitive at Dressage at Devon - so it is safe to say that his get are proficient in the discipline of choice of their owners.

His offspring are best known for their steady temperaments, good movement and tolerant natures. When they are under circumstances that would tax most horses’ ability to behave, his get are disdainful of such shenanigans ... they would never participate in such behavior!

Adamant’s son Avebury WF was licensed for breeding in 2004 and has continued to bring honor to his sire’s reputation. Atreo WF has steadily progressed up the levels in dressage after having very good success in the sport horse breeding venues. As You Wish WF is currently enjoying great success in eventing. Beltane, who was bred and is owned by Sally Cousins, is also having another excellent year as an event horse. In the mid 90’s, Ariadne won the North Georgia Three Day with a junior rider – who just happened to be the teenage daughter of her breeder!

Adamant’s offspring are consistently multi-talented, good natured and possess steady characters. A limited supply of his proven high quality frozen semen is available for purchase.

2016 LFG Breeding Agreement (Word Doc)

conf2 adamantheadshot inhand conf1
1980 1981 1984 1985
adamantbill countercanter adamantanne halfpass
1986 with Bill 1987 with Emily 1987 with Anne 1994 with Ellie

Born May 8, 1977 at Watermark Farm
Height: 16.3 hands (170 cm)

2015 LFG Breeding Agreement (pdf)

Frozen Semen Per Dose Contract (pdf)

Video Gallery

Adamant PSG

Offspring Videos:

Atreo WF

Avebury WF Gallery

As You Wish WF Gallery

The Next Generation:

April Moon Foal Inspection

Aloysius WF
Aloysius WF Foal Inspection

Wilona WF January ’09 Footage

More footage will be added shortly. Alternatively, please check the Watermark Farm Channel as new footage is added every week of our current stock.

Ancestor Gallery

His Heritage

Adamant’s sire Abundance needs little introduction as he was such a resounding success here in the United States, both as a performance horse in all disciplines and as a sire. Here are some of his other ancestors:

abglanzconf absatzconf
Abglanz Absatz
duellant goldfisch II
Duellant Goldfisch II
Adamant’s dam, Villa May, was a gentle mare with a slightly shy nature. Please take a few moments and browse through her Broodmare Page. Her sire, In Spite Of, was highly regarded as a hunter sire in the 1970’s, as was his sire, Palestine. palestine fairtrial
Palestine Fair Trial
Offspring Photo Gallery
aster arion Belgallop bell
Astarte (1980) Arion Beltane in 2009 Beltane (2003)
ariadne2 ariadne atreo
Ariadne as a 2 year old Ariadne as a 6 year old Atreo WF (1996) Avebury WF (2001)
kittysj3 kittyjumpjune Adelaide WF
As You Wish WF in 2009 As You Wish WF (2001) Adelaide WF
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